Hand Cream Oil and Rice Starch – Tube – 100 ml




The Hand Cream Oil and Rice Starch nourishing emulsion is able to moisturize and protect the skin of the hands, leaving no residual greasiness. Suited for people who need a barrier against irritants and detergents, and against the dry and cold weather. The product is ideal for repeated applications during the day, due to its rapid absorption, in fact, does not hinder the normal manual dexterity daily.

It contains rice oil and rice starch, associated with film-forming substances, plant extracts and silk proteins.

Functional principles:

  • Rice oil (emollient, sebum restorative)
  • Rice Starch (moisturizing, refreshing)
  • Silk proteins (deep moisturizer, film-forming)
  • Shea Butter (emollient, moisturizing dermal akin)
  • Calendula extract (stimulates cell metabolism)
  • Jojoba oil (nourishing, moisturizing eudermic)
  • Aloe vera gel (moisturizer and skin restoring)
  • Vitamin E (anti-radical, anti-oxidant)
  • Extract of Green Tea (antioxidant and anti-radical)


USAGE: apply the product with a gentle massage on the palm and back of the hand.