Discover the history of your bag of rice

From 11/09/2016 we adopted the FOODIGREE system on Riso La Pila and Riso del Vo, a QR code that printed on the back of the package allows direct display of the Chain Traceability of each single bag of rice.


The information you have access to is as follows:

  1. Farm that has sown rice
  2. Lot of certified seeds
  3. Sowing period
  4. Flowering Period
  5. Harvest and Drying Period
  6. Number of the Storage Cell
  7. Processing Date and Packaging
  8. Work Lot number and packaging number
  9. Expiration date

In addition to this, a video showing the rice paddy from which the rice contained in the bag and the farm of the farm that sowed the rice can be viewed.

For lots that expire before 11/02/2018 and after 09/09/2015, you can go back to the Chain Traceability by entering the data printed on the back of the rice bag.