When you do something with love and care, even though you will probably never meet the people for whom you are doing it and you will never shake their hand, you are expressing your gratitude to humanity, to the species.

Steve Jobs

Who we are

The excellence of rice

The rice mill “La Pila” was formed as a cooperative in 1987 by 12 companies producing rice Agricole in low-Verona in order to work and sell in common paddy rice produced by bringing a high quality rice on the market.

In 2016 the company became agricultural company and this allows greater integration with member farms and the conferring farmers.

One of the associated farms is characterized by long and qualified experience as seed reproducer whose production so allows to all members to have specially selected seeds, immune to new pests, definitely not contaminated by genetically modified seeds and able to maintain pure rice seeds: Vialone Nano, Arborio and Carnaroli.

The rice mill “la Pila” owns about 600 hectares of rice fields, equal to about a third of the rice extension of the province of Verona, one of the main of Italy; “la Pila” is the only reality of relief can produce rice with Guaranteed Traceability and P.G.I.

The rice mill “la Pila” has collaborated with the Consortium of Vialone Nano Veronese managing to characterize and certify production, gaining recognition by the EEC of Protected Geographical Indication – P.G.I.

The Company holds the first recognition in Italy of Riso Nano Vialone Veronese P.G.I.  

The rice mill “la Pila” monitor and ensure the quality of the product throughout the supply chain has just completed the new structure with its significant financial commitment and the Veneto Region, always careful to support initiatives aimed at the preservation and enhancement of the typical products of the Veneto.
The plant of the rice mill “la Pila”, located in Isola della Scala (in the heart of low-Verona), area highly suited to the production of rice Vialone Nano Veronese P.G.I., allows:

The plant of  rice mill “la Pila”, located in Isola della Scala (in the heart of low-Verona), area highly suited to the production of rice Vialone Nano Veronese P.G.I., allows: riso

  • Receiving over 3,500 tons of paddy rice
  • Drying daily approximately 200 tonnes of paddy rice
  • The storage of paddy in 29 silos with refrigeration of the product and control temperature and humidity constant
  • Packaging in PE bags in protective atmosphere and vacuum tiles with the capacity of over 3,000 tons of white rice

The lines of husking and packaging possess all the modern requirements such as the optical control of the rice and the metal detector.
The rice mill “la Pila” has recently installed a photovoltaic system for the production of clean electricity from renewable sources in the environment, as the Company is aware that the conservation and protection of the environment is essential to the quality of life.
This is in line with the Company Mission: “To work and to enhance the paddy produced by members bringing to market a high quality rice with traditional workmanship and guarantees higher than those offered by the most qualified competitors”.

The claim included in the logo perfectly summarizes the work that the rice mill “la Pila” plays for its consumers, “certified and verifiable supply chain from seed to package”.